Take Our Survey On Geary BRT!

UPDATE 8/15/12 12:38PM: We will accept responses up to 5PM, August 17th.

Click here to go directly to the survey. 如果你想做Geary調查, 請在這按.

Click here for the Geary BRT Forum Flyer in English (PDF WARNING).

Click here for the Geary BRT Forum Flyer in Chinese (PDF WARNING). 如果你想看 Geary 快速公車線講座傳單, 請在這按.

As you know, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority and the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency are planning on building Bus Rapid Transit down Geary. While they are scoping for the project, they (and we) need your voices heard in order to make this project for the transit riders.

That’s why we’re asking you to take our survey.

While SFTRU is committed to supporting a rapid transit line along Geary Boulevard, we haven’t specifically taken a position on the project. That’s because we’re waiting for your input to help shape our advocacy campaign. Please share your personal vision for the Geary Bus Rapid Transit project. The survey is short (only 9 quick multiple-choice questions) and will help strengthen our advocacy as an organization that represents the transit riders of San Francisco.

After you’re done taking the survey, come on down to the Richmond Branch Library (351 9th Avenue; enter on 10th) to participate on a forum about Geary BRT on Wednesday, August 22nd, from 6pm to 8pm. We will talk about the results of the survey, as well as the history of Geary Boulevard and Bus Rapid Transit in general, and you’ll be able to voice your opinion to SFCTA and SFMTA staff.

Thank you for your participation! Power to the Transit Riders!

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